Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Ben has spoken at more than 50 universities, organizations, and corporations about the power everyday people have to make extraordinary change in the world. He is available for a large range of public appearances including keynotes, commencement speeches, fireside chats, panels, and anti-racism trainings. Ben is respected as one of the top in the field and known for his humor and engaging presentations that leave audiences feeling motivated and inspired.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Ben shares his personal story of overcoming great adversity and using it as a catalyst to build great success and to make massive changes on the world around him.

Popular Topics:

Unleashing Your Inner Activist 

We all have a story, and our stories have the power to change someone else’s and—if we give them a chance—to change the world. This uplifting, crowd favorite, will leave you cheering and equipped to go out and make your mark in the world.

More than a Black Square: The Abridged Guide to Being Anti-Racist

An incredibly straightforward, challenging, and at times hilarious conversation on the topic on everyone’s mind. Ben will give the audience tools to join the fight for racial justice and to make changes in their own lives to go beyond being “not racist” to becoming anti-racist. It will get you on your feet, in the streets, and feeling full of hope.

Be A Man: A Fat, Black, Queer Man’s Thoughts on Modern Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? In this conversation—for people of all genders—Ben dives into masculinity in the modern age, trans-inclusive intersectional feminism, and how the gender binary is keeping us from being our truest selves.

Anti-Racism at Work

An extension of his Himalaya Network podcourse of the same name, this talk takes on the tough subject of racism in the workplace—something present in every workplace—and presents a judgement free guide to building an anti-racist workplace.

Note: Due to the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic, Ben is now available for virtual engagements. Please contact his speaking representative for more information.

Ben had a room full of stuffy executives in tears and leaping out of their seats. He's touched our company in ways that will change us for the better.

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