I'm a multi-hyphenate trying to change the world.

Ben O'Keefe is a human rights activist, political commentator, and founder of Chaotic Good Media—a social impact & impact entertainment company.

His work finds him at the intersection of entertainment and politics working with organizations, brands, politicians, celebrities, and show-runners to build campaigns, content, and strategies that change the world.

At 26 years old O’Keefe is considered a leading voice in the progressive movement and has been instrumental in the work to mobilize young people in the democratic process.

O’Keefe served as Senior Creative Lead and Advisor for Senator Elizabeth Warren's 2020 presidential campaign where he helped to lead creative and strategic communications and advise the senator on youth engagement, LGBTQ+ engagement, and Black voter engagement.

As an activist, he became a prominent voice at the early age of 18 after starting a global movement against the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch's size-based discrimination. He subsequently went on to work with major beauty and fashion brands to help build the body-positivity movement as we know it. Netflix is currently developing a documentary around this work in which he is featured.

He is a respected voice in the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well as a leader in the LGBTQ+ community.

His pod-course "Anti-Racism at Work" premiered on the Himalaya Network in January 2021.

Ben is also a sought after public speaker, often speaking on diversity and anti-racism, social justice, and conversations on LGBTQ equality and masculinity.

His campaign work includes the #TakeDownTheFlag campaign to remove the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse, Alicia Keys' 'Vote Love' campaign, and the viral campaign to save death row inmate Richard Glossip from execution.

He is an alum of MoveOn.org where he was the youngest employee in the organization’s history and eventually a senior leader responsible for helping transition the organization into its present day iteration. He also worked for MTV News, where he served as head writer of "DECODED" a series on race and pop culture.

Most recently he worked as the Impact Producer on ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy documentary from Amazon Studios which features Stacey Abrams and her fight against voter suppression.